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About us

When I opened Wilson’s Quality Meats in 1985, I was dedicated to providing the local community with premium meat. These days, the meat’s still here, but now there’s so much more !!
Welcome to Farm Fresh Foods 2017, 32 years later!

We are proud that we can offer a tempting and convenient selection of meats and produce, as well as wholesome meal solutions all produced here by our chef’s, pastry cooks and larder staff! It’s food heaven.

You’ll find the best range of fresh food available and we look after the not so traditional families of 1, 5, 6 and more as we do the 2’s, 3’s and 4’s – you’ll have no worries as we can cater for all sizes and eaters!

What makes Farm Fresh Foods different? Why have we been here so long?
It’s a fine balance of loyal customers, good management and devoted staff who love what they do.

Loyal Customers
We have wonderful customers who have been coming back to us day after day, week after week for many many years – we love you! And the best part is when they’re not happy, they tell us so we can get it right. If they can’t find something, they tell us so we can source it. And when they are satisfied, they tell us that too.

Good Management.
I have owned Farm Fresh Foods for 32 years and have always selected the best produce from the green paddocks in the central west of NSW and then followed it right through to your dining table. I can assure you that what my family enjoys daily so will yours.

Passionate Staff
There are many but let’s talk about Abraham. He’s up before the sun even thinks about rising, selecting the best produce at Flemington markets with 30 years buying experience at the markets. Abe, as he likes to be called, knows quality, that’s why our fruit and vegetables are second to none !! We don’t know of any store or supermarket that can claim to have two produce buyers with 60 years combined knowledge that selects then follows their produce right through to your dinner table.

Those three elements mean that Farm Fresh Foods will be around for a long time to come. 

So if you’re a cook, food lover or local family looking for the best of the best, Farm Fresh Foods is the place for you.

Bill Wilson